Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Some velvet and dusty morning

Be afraid Posted by Hello

Dusting my cases I found this copy from a color piece I did some years ago, I like the Punisher a lot.
This morning sending some mails to people, so morning and night I will devote myself to catch up with mails.
I am seeing today the other girl I mentioned yesterday.
I am visiting my destist today so she can fix some cavities I have.
Well see you at night!



Sask 1 said...

Will be interesting tomorrow to read how meeting goes with the other girl.Have yourself a good day.

johnnyjustice said...


Nice rendition of the Punisher...I like looking back at older stuff that I've drawn just to see the progress (if any at all) that I have made.

Anyway, the watercolors add a lot to this piece and the choice of color is spot on.

I can tell that you have grown as an artist when I compare this piece to the others I have seen you do.

Take care - I will talk to you soon!


antonio said...

thank you Jason for your kind words!!..and I will look forward to listenign from you!!..JESUS ANTONIO

antonio said...

june you are right it seem there might be tomorrow another story to share!! :)..JESUS ANTONIO