Friday, April 29, 2005

This little fella

Can you recognize this little fella? Posted by Hello

Happy day!!

I am trying to remember good moments from my childhood and I had to say that I had a very good childhood in the possibilities that were available.
I have to recognize that my Mom really try to make our times really good ones in fact I gues She spoiled us a bit, One of the greatest things my Mom did was to form us a very distinctive personality. I was the first boy and the experiment in many ways.
I have to say that I am happy with the results sad sometimes it is hard to say Mom and Dad that They just rock big time!!...

Favorite programs when I was young.
The muppets show.(The show with invited guest)
Señorita Cometa (translation..Rocket Girl...funny isn`t Nik?..Señorita Cometa was a japanese program about a nanny with powers taking care of two spoiled boys).
Mazzinger Z
Candy Candy.
Wonder Woman.
Dukes of Hazard
6 Million Dollar Man
Magnum P.I
Miami Vice
Hawai 5-0
Wonder Woman
Batman 60`s

Great times indeed Have a great day!!!..JESUS ANTONIO


Hope7comic said...

Great to remember the things that made us smile when we were younger. We should try to keep that feeling going through our lives. As comic creators, we hope to give that same feeling to people as well.

And as a side note, I read your blog all the time, just normally do not get the chance to comment, I just thought I would let you know that your words and thoughts and ideas are being read.

antonio said...

Tim is that you!!???

Man thanks for the know that really means a lot a also coming from you!!!
Great so great to read from You!!!

ps:I agreee totally to what you said :)

Sask 1 said...

Cute pic.
I love and remember some of those shows also.

antonio said...

HAHAH for waht I have seen We really have many things in common!!!! :)..The pick is form one fot eh photos of my Mom`s album :)

Hope7comic said...

Yep... It's Tim. I'll be trying to catch up with all my past e-mail from people this week. The past couple months have been busy with car problems, doctors and job searching so I've been only on the computer for a limited time and never enough time to catch-up with things, just read things and bookmark them to reply later.

I just wanted to let you know that your words are not being unread, by me anyway. I make it a point to read through your blog once a week when I can. It's a little break for me between job searches and appointments.

Your high points and good points give me a smile and your low points or bad times make me empathize with you and know that good thoughts are sent your way from me.

antonio said...

Hey tim sorry for teh dealy in the answer, thank you thank you thank you for the support words that meant a lot to me!!! You know that you, Kristin and the great Amigo Nik have a big place in my heart and also You are the people I respect a lot from what you do ,did and wil do over the years WITH ME!!
Tim I hope everything is much better your way,(with family and stuff) let me know when hope 7 is ready!!!!!!...JESUS ANTONIO