Monday, April 11, 2005

The city of the great light.

Eden Posted by Hello

Well Many things this time.
This is the first panel of the Anthology I will do with a nice writerOnly five pages.The story is called Robot Love.
I finished another page of Luchador ! what it means that I have 12 pages done! With the beautiful Writing of Nik Havert.
I will finish this week also with the Fool plot.
I am in talks to a person in my country if something happens as I expect I will do something for a character I always loved!!.
Some other plans are coming from Spain, I only need to start making some adjustments to start talking and accepting.
About Lupita I finally realized that in fact She can`t make any decision to her situation.
I had a quite odd conversation with her and well expect a "love for dummies insight"( You can see them in archives) soon.
Tomorrow I will do something quite stupid (related to someone from my recent past)!! Well tomorrow I will say more about it!!.
I am going to see If a person will draw my story of Flame.

I guess that is all for now!!!..JESUS ANTONIO
Wish me luck I will need it!!.....


Sask 1 said...

I am sorry to hear Lupita is still undecided.She doesnt realise how lucky she is to have someone who cares for her.

Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

the panel looks great jesus :)

its very unfortunate that lupita can't decide about you... she really is lucky like june said..


antonio said...

Dear June and Kino and well all read the new Love for dummies so you can see now a new twist on the situation and let me know your opinion....
Thanks Kino for the words..

antonio said...

Well for what I understadn She has now two people who care for her..the ex- and I...:: :( hahaha well..JESUS ANTONIO