Friday, April 01, 2005

They always love us When We go away... 3

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This is the sketch of the second character in the story of the Anthology (Dean RockWell)!!
Till next week I will start working in some pages of the story!!

Have a great time!!..JESUS ANTONIO


johnnyjustice said...


I'm digging this art style. It sorta reminds me of a cross between John Romita Jr and Leinil Yu (it's a strange combination, but it's cool!).

I'm curious as to what this story is about...give me some details!

Have a great weekend!


antonio said...

Hey Jasongood to her from you!!
Thanks for the words about the style, I reall never thought about it...The funny things is that is the first time that I will over over detail the work so that means the artist inker will have a hard time, but is going to be really worthwhile the ride!
I will comment on the story and the writer and everything but as a Kabhala I always wait till I have work done so that means for me that everything is working incredibly well, also I need to also continue working in Luchador, the proposal I have in Spain and other two projects at the same time aside my real life JOBS! So I need to find time to give everybody the time they deserve having the work with my incredible friend Nik (Luchador!) as the priority the same as the work of Spain with a nice person that for sure is and will become a great friend!!
just wait a little to so I can speak UP about the Story.
I can tell you that the story has a little of Metropolis (by Fritz Lang) on it!!:)..JESUS ANTONIO

Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

jesus it does look like a cross between romita and leinil yu :) and i like both artists very much :) great job.. show more :)

at first i didnt pay atention to romita's work (possibly because of my age) but when i got hold of the daredevil comics.. i instantly loved his work :)

i might upload something on sunday.. probably havok my favorite character to start :)

good day --kino--

antonio said...

Thanks Kino, I will start the pages next week!
and of course I will load them but as soon as I have the permit to do so from Stacie and the writer!!!
Romita`s work rules!!
I will see the Havok let me know when you have it up!!..JESUS ANTONIO