Monday, April 04, 2005

L' amore vero

Aelita!! Posted by Hello

Late night update!!

It was really hot today!
I can not adapt myself to the new schedule time, The goverment advanced the timing so instead of being 9:00 is 10:00 pm.
I was really angy and moody all of the time but I received a nice e-mail that made me smile(seems and I am sure that will be work in the future..I can`t say anything now because I do not want to jinxx it, Just wish me luck!!).
I was expecting some info from one of my writers in Spain, hopefully in a couple of days I will listen from him, or maybe in some hours!.
I saw Lupita, I couldn`t tell her about the two nice comic proposals I have, Seh told me what She did over the well I just listened and look at her beautiful eyes!!.

Before something happens..I am writing a fragment of a poem I really liked when I saw it

Si, cerco.
Solamente emozioni pure,
solamente dei sospiri veri,
il fruttodi un'alchimia di sentimenti.

Well see you later night to tell you guys how the day got!!
Have a great day!!

BTW the poster is from Aelita one of my favorite's Russian movies. :)

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