Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Total Chaos in the Order

I am just trying to get my netback, funny but this time absent from reality (I mean virtual one) has made me reconsider some aspects I need to overcome, or get properly done.
I am restructuring my life in some aspects.
I am also checking the odd and chances to go to a convention to USA soon with Nik I have only some Family stuff to solve to have a final word.
I am still without news on some things I was expecting so well I guess this weekend will be a really busy one.
I haven´t recovered well from the blow in the face about the project in Spain, but I am sure I will get something better.
I have contact again with My great friend Pedro L.Lopez so I am preparing some ideas to talk to him oriented to attack the spanish Market, with Nik I really have some good surprises about our work so stay tuned.
I need time...about love life well LOST mode now!!!....JESUS ANTONIO

PS:She is next to me chatting to someone over the net so I need to be a little cautious.... Damn!!! :)
Great day!!


Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

still no net jesus? i hope you feel better about the project soon...

are you going to a con.. ive never been one.. but there will be a con in miami ill surely go :)

good day jesus :) --kino--

Sask 1 said...

I hate having no net.Feels like part of me is missing.
Will be exciting for you to go to conv in US.
Sorry things are ni better with GF.

antonio said...

Kino!!! I am having my net back!!! I am still checking some stuff to go to a Convention or to postpon it all depends on internal family stuff, I need only a couple of days to decide!!
Good luck in Miami!!

Hahah june I was feeling as a handicap.
About lupita well I am with no advances...hahah crap!! well hahahaha!!..JESUS ANTONIO