Sunday, April 03, 2005

Time is so relative!

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Well I devoted myself reading a great script done by Nik!
I also continue working in the proposal to Spain (The project I have in hands is really good!!), I am about finishing it so I hope to finish by Tuesday or Wednesday (only depends if my friend and spanish writer send me the info I need).
I alos need to develop a cover.
Also talking about writers I will send a mail to Pedro (my former spanish writer and believe me He is one of the best I have ever read!).
Nik and Pedro are such a great pair of friends and writers!!
I finish another page of Luchador in pencils!
Talking about the Anthology I am checking my timings to see if I can also develop a nice cover using as a reference the image that I loaded today!!
About Lupita well today I didn`t hear from her, friday We were chit chating about regular case you ask me about How I am?..well I am still lost!! I have no idea what Lupita is thinking!! Damn!! Loving is not easy!! :)

This weekend was to draw and write the last expect it in a couple of days!!
Have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO


Sask 1 said...

Wouldnt life be so much easier if we could just be honest with each other.Not knowing what the other person is thinking is so hard.

antonio said...

I know Dear June, but seems people hide feelings thinking is the right thing to do!
btw I hope everything is going much better your way...How is your orange going!!?
Have a great day June!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Sask 1 said...

Well my orange is going no where.He hurt me so bad today.I know he just uses me.I got really mad at him,then he pretends hes sorry.Makes me feel guilty then i end up apologizing when i did nothing wrong in the first place.I think im the fool in your tarot cards.I just seem to not be able to break away.I feel my heart will break without him.
Hope you have a good evening

antonio said...

Well I hope that what I am going to say is not that terrible as it sounds, there is a therapist in my country who says
"There are people who like to eat excrement, sometimes they even want to repeat the dish, and just to end the thing they always like the excrement and leftovers from the plate...for how long are you willing to continue doing it!""

I need to apply the same rule to an love the person but not againsts your own personality or life...I am so sorry but you are in my prayers for sure!!
Do not be blackmailed!

About me, well Lupita does not care really so I really need to set a halth, but mainly to myself and to what I feel.
I deeply hope she realizes something good about me but in the meantime I am mixed up.