Saturday, April 16, 2005

Just not a perfect day expected.

Oswald before Willie Posted by Hello

Image showing Oswald the rabbit, after Walt Disney lost the rights to use it, He created Willie ..I mean Mickey Mouse.

This day was really weird I had a mail informing me that one of the projects I have in Spain is not any longer approved, so well not the best way to start the day.
My friends today were laughing at me, I was kind of blocked so they were talking to me in English and I was not understanding at all, to be honest I was not really paying attention to them!.
I saw Lupita today and as usual She just said wrong things.
I had a coffee with a nice girl (for what I know she wants something else...but I have no idea if trying or not). I mean right now I do not want to think on the matter.
I am finishing tomorrow morning a proposal and other page of Luchador!

Have a great day!!!!... JESUS ANTONIO


Sask 1 said...

We all have days like that.
The loss of the project was dissapointing and so made the rest of the day seem the same way.
Tommorrow is a new day and hopefully a better one.
Take care June

antonio said...

sorry for de delay in responding I got a mild headache but now everything is much better!! Thanks for everything and Have a great day!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Interesting life you have...:)

Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

what happened to your project jesus? is that the anthology? --kino--

antonio said...

nope, it was a project that would give a kind of stability becuase it was about some months of steady work but everything now is Kaput!! I am working in the Anthology!!!...JESUS ANTONIO