Saturday, April 09, 2005

Something I should have done long time ago.

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I will take my time to do something I wanted to do since some time ago, this is a little personal but I guess it is the best way to tell this tiny group of girls How important they are and have been to me.
From left to right Betsy, Cindy and Shantall.
I have two brothers Emmanuelle (Yes, it has the termination elle but is a long explanation and funny but is for another story, then Salvador my other brother). But the funny part is that I feel that kind of love for this little girls They are the Sisters I never had.
I haven`t seen Betsy and Shantall for some time(they live in the gringo as they say) almost a year or two and I really missed them specially because this past vacation I was on vacation in Monterrey and I just couldn`t see them.
Funny is to say that the group of friend We developed have the same kind of problems of interaction with the others specially for love, Betsy, Cindy and Shanta give everything away in a friendship or love, and they are still learning the frigging process of finding the right one.

Betsy, I heard a little about the situation of yours in fact what I have only heard is from what Cindy (our connector of news has told me), I just want to tell you that you are such a great spirit and soul, be strong you know many of us love you with all our hearts.You and your tiny butt included (insight joke..she knows the joke on it :) ), I only regret in a way that When you had the time to see eachother you couldn`t had the time, or to open up a bit, but is just because the way you are and the short time you had, I know how strong you are and pretend to be, that is something I admire from you a lot You always know at least where to go, so I understand clearly how you feel now.
You know I love you with all my heart If I wouldn`t love you as a sister believe me You would be the perfect girl in my life!!!.Please keep in touch and open up.If there is way I can help you out You know it will be my pleasure to do so.

Cindy, You know and understand my dumbness and You know I always have a ball when I am with you, I am always happy to see the incredible girl you are and will become, I guess I have said that to you but one of my odd dreams is to have my son or daughter just to be like you and your sisters, smart, sarcastic (well you three share that thing and is so great!! I am right? ), insightful, and I just love the way you giggle....:).

Shanta, I missed our long talks and just to talk or listen eachother how We sucked at loving people ( I know me more than you) at the wrong time or in a stupid way, btw congratulations about the move, get you life out of here (You know what I mean), spread your wings.
do I have to tell you that You are so great that you have always the right word to make me feel good when I am down?
Let me know when you come here pinche rata.

Girls I love you big time!!
Last time you ask me what I have done during this time, so well in this tiny blog is what I have done this past time, so enjoy telling how I countinue sucking at love, smiling at the projects I am doing, you three know how important is for me the vocation and I am making it big time, and there is more to come I am sure (I am working my ass off to do so and you know I will get it my way.). Many thing you know some others might be new for you.So read and i hope you come here and drop by when you can and also I am expecting the usual mail contact and In case you get here just call me to have a coffee.

Have a great time pinches ratas et all!!!


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