Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Are you my fan?

Mignola Posted by Hello

Today I will only rant about something that is kind of bothering me a bit, I will from now on eliminate the word Fan from my vocabulary.
I mean I do not want to refer to a person as my fan, When We use the word fan (seems too much like a fanatic), I mean there are lots of people who like my work but from now on I won`t refer to them as my fans, they are people who share the same point of view or read what I produce.
We share a common sense of life or taste of art,or divert from our lives reading comic work.
I have seen that by using the word fan I imply there is an enormous difference into what I am and what you are, and is nothing related.It is not.
You are a person I want to respect so I will treat you as my equal.

If a person wants to call me his or her fan, fine I can deal with it.

To finish my tiny Manifesto.
I hope you enjoy the pick from Mignola a total inspiration into my work the same as many people around my life...have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

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