Friday, April 22, 2005

Numerology of Cynism

Yesterday the President said again nonsense!
In his campaign He promised to create 1 million of new jobs EVERYEAR!
Well We are in fact losing 300,000 full time jobs everyyear. Just Imagine how cruel life is getting here that INEGI (Stadistics and polls from my country) confirmed that about 400,000 people are going to USA Everyyear to look for better options. Stupidly the President said yesterday that the first third of this year were created about 351,000 new jobs but He doesn`t mention that those new jobs are subemployments what it means that are jobs that are part time or are not for people with high level of knowledge in fact those jobs are not really jobs, So He said that If We continue like that in the last third there would be about 900,000 new jobs,and with that he would have accomplished something He promised during his campaign (Is He stupid or what?).
He promised to reduced prices of Natural Gas by protecting part of the production chain with money, now That He stupidly realized that is not possible what he said this help might be only for some months.
We are importing 86% or our rice.
Numbers We continue depending in only two sources of money :Oil and Money from USA.
Once Chaneca a very smart publicist from our country (She even helped the president to develop strong campaigns said in the past That He was a nice dumb person, but last week I listened to an interview saying that her perception changed and now He is a bad dumb person.).Oh well now He is more preocupied trying to invite the new Pope to visit my country...really sad indeed!!

Anyway...Have a great day!!!..JESUS ANTONIO


Sask 1 said...

Im sorry that nothing can be done to help your people.My daughter was shocked when she visited Mexico by the poverty there.She said she walked by a river and was upset that all these people lived there in boxes.

antonio said...

I have to say that my country is full of contradictions because Money is just unfairly distribuited, let me put it this way my family is middle class and We really have a hard time to survive daily, Rich people get richer and poor poorer.
If the goverment doesn`t give a solution soon we will start going to a downfall similar to waht Cuba is suffering.
Anyway....Have a great time Dear June!!..JESUS ANTONIO