Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Fool©2005 Jesús Antonio Hernandez Rodriguez
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My western story called Fool.
Plot:How love is not even ruled to what We expect or want.
Main Characters Ursula B. and William Chap
Script written and drawn by me.
Page one of two
Panel 01 of 10

Panel one Close up of Ursula smiling and holding a Tarot card, She is naked near a river at night.

Voice off panel:William speaking.
Caption01: Do you remember that night you started playing with those silly cards of yours?
Caption02: Laughing at me calling me tenderly I was your fool? You showed me all the ways you can love, I still remember the taste of your skin and that funny mole you had on your hip.
Caption 03:I propose to you and you said..Yes I`ll marry you!
Caption04:I couldn`t see what you wanted me to say that day... Until now..those silly cards!

This is my way to force me to finish the two western story I already have as soon as possible.
I will probably load everyday or two or three days a new panel with the sequence of the story(I am doing this in my few free timings!
I you want to give me some feed back I will appreciate it you make my writing stronger!
A friend will ink this work for his samples.

Have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO


Sask 1 said...

Sounds good so far.
Ill look out for the next part.Does Ursula really love him or is she playing with him.
Dont answer if it will spoil the plot.

antonio said...

Ursula loves him in a reciprocal way and beyond!! :)
I wish this would be the same with my situation hahahah well Be good Dear June!!..JESUS ANTONIO