Wednesday, April 06, 2005

was I an Orange?

ENJOY! Posted by Hello

Well I am feeling so exhausted today, I guess today I will sleep early.

My dentist canceled the appointment so until tomorrow I will finally have my second checked up.
I am starting tomorrow the Anthology pages aside Luchador pages!!
I do not even think coherently right now so see you...

See you tomorrow!!

Did I see Lupita today?
hahahah Yes.



Sask 1 said...

I hate the dentist so i would be happy if they cancelled my appointment.
As for blogger playing up.i find it really bad today.When i finally managed to post it came up 6 times :)
Enjoy your day

antonio said...

Hahahahah in my case it gets into my nerves when people is unpuntual the funny aprt is that the dentist cancelled again..think that didn`t make me happy!! I hope on Tuesday to have the appointment..I need it!!
Thanks for the comment about the blogging June Have a great great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO