Saturday, April 02, 2005

The little Emo in me

hahahah When I read about Emo, the funny part is that I have been listening a lot of music from Emo (another line of punk, coming from the word Emotional Cord)
Also the funny things is that I used to dress like an Emo, maybe I was one of them without realizing it.
More info about Emo here.
And one ex-girlfriend of mine used to be Emo totally..hahahah!!

This guy just made the way to dress like Emo, what he says is that He is just playing around.

I am thinking in writing an Emo short story for a comic!!

other Emo link.

Today was a normal day!! No news nothing special at all, probably yes !
The taxi driver who took me today started telling me about how bad He felt about The Pope Joanes Paulus Death (rest in peace!!), and He even started singing to me in the taxi...why? Search me?.
He sang a ranchera song in case I want to flirt with girls.
Wacky isn`t it!?
He ven told me about the horrible love life He had, thing that didn`t really made my day, I only hope not to finish like that taxi driver!

Have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO


Sask 1 said...

HaHa i dont think you'll end up as bad as the taxi driver

antonio said...

I hope not for what He told me His family doesn`t talk to him since 19 years, He looked for a refugee and refugee for him was religion ( I mean I do not see wrong of course I wouldn`t do that, I have my beliefs so strong that I do not see them as a place to look for peace..).
Well really odd but fun at the end..The funny thing is that day I really learned from him :)..JESUS ANTONIO