Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Fool©2005 Jesús Antonio Hernandez Rodriguez
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My western story called Fool.
Plot:How love is not even ruled to what We expect or want.
Main Characters Ursula B. and William Chap
Script written and drawn by me.

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Panel one Close up of Ursula looking at William and holding a Tarot card, She is naked near a river at night.

Voice off panel:William speaking.

Caption01: I still remember I was trying to kiss you again and you just showed me another silly card.
Caption02: You told me that card said You and I meant to be.
That nothing could take us apart.
To be sincere I was not really paying attention to what you said, I was just looking at those eyes and lose myself in the void of that sight.
Caption03:I was looking at those lips, crimson sin to be kissed...

Have a great day!!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Mmmmm...guys!! is it just me or blogs are not working correctly?!!
What is happening to them!! sometimes happens they are appearing but not all of it, or in parts..let me know If it is only just me!!...


Sask 1 said...

I like it so far

antonio said...

Thank you June!!...JESUS ANTONIO