Friday, December 23, 2005

Meme in two spots.

Meme Numero Uno
Tell 5 random things about yourelf that nobody else knows.
1. I hate when a person hits a fat boy or girl.
2. I really laugh out loud everytime I see a person being spanked...I guess my little sadomasoquist in me. The harder the spank the harder the laughter.
3. I want to also have my Own Comic Book Store and printing company, someday because it is a big investment and the sector buying comics here are only for wealthy
4. I don`t believe in structures and societies.I know structures are boundaries but I am really concerned about people in charge of those structures.
5. I know the names of my Angels and my protectors.
6.I am planning to paint my own set of Tarot Cards.

Meme Numero Dos
1. What were you doing 10 years ago?Jobwise: I was working in a private school to pay my studies, I learned a lot but I would never work in that place again, the boss and my coordinator were and are a bunch of assholes, Now I am so happy working the university were I am. Life: Hanging around with the ex-grilfriend I was over 5 years and planning my comic work as usual.
2. What were you doing a year ago?Jobwise: I was working in 3 places at the same time, two companies and the school were I am.
Life: Normal regular stuff, no big changes specially love :)
3. What are 5 of your favorite snacks?Bubu lubus, Hot nuts, Halls that are some mint candies, Cheetos and Doritos Nachos.
4. What 5 songs do you know all the words to?
None!! I have the stupid ram memory so I only remember the songs when are being played, If not I do not even remember the titles.
5. 5 things you would do if you had money
Open my own store and printing company
Give my Family lots of money
6. 5 bad habits
I bite my nails.
I normally eat with the mouth open (happens I had a nose surgery because I got a broken nose after playing basketball and well the holes in my nose doesn`t work perfectly) so that means I snore.
Being over repeatitive I always repeat the same things over and over only to be sure they understand what I want.
Really stubborn
Being so nice that people always want to take advantage of myself.
7. 5 things I love to do
Not really I am doing now everything I like.
8. 5 things I would never get new, buy new or wear again
Colorful clothing I like a lot to dress in black,blue and grey.
9) 5 favorite toys
6 million dollar man doll I have in my desk.
A yellow rabbit.
My Marvel 60's toy collection.
Pens, papers and brushes.

Great day!!



Rainypete said...

Feliz Navidad!

antonio said...

Same to you and to hoping you are nurtured by your beloved ones!!