Saturday, December 10, 2005

L’Homme Qui Rit 1928

Getting into the basics again!!
I haven`t mentioned anything about silent movies in a long long time.
I am now recommending a movie I saw some years back and I wish I had the time to watch it again, It is an american movie done in 1928 by Paul Leni and the movie is "The man who laughs" based on the play of Victor Hugo, and I am sure that is one of those images taken to construct what it is now the joker (but that is my personal theory).
There is one scene where this guy is totally crying and there is a moment you do not know when the crying becomes laughter, amazing acting by Conrad Veidt.

This is a must to see and I hope to find this soon and buy it!!

Have a great time!!



Alec Holland said...

Jesús Antonio, there's an amazing comic adaptation of this Victor Hugo's novel, done by Fernando de Felipe (from Spain). I can't find a webpage displaying the interior art, but you can check the cover here:

although I wouldn't buy it from that virtual shop, shipping charges are too much for international :(

antonio said...

Hola Alec gracias por escribir!!

I am going to ask a friend of mine to buy it for me!!
Thanks for the pointer!!

Have a great time!!