Saturday, December 17, 2005

Radiant and Solar Waves of Joy.

Isn`t she beautiful?
She was Anna May Wong myabe the first asian silent actress and appeared in the movie Picadilly from 1929.(also a must)

Monday I will start again the busy times so I have only today and tomorrow to hang out.
I am watching in some hours the movie "The eye" done by the Pang brothers so I am sure I may like it!
Yesterday was the lucky day for me... I got some money back I thought was lost and in the Annual X-mas dinner of the school were I give classes I won a Microwave (My Dad and Mom were laughing their asses off because I mean a single boy with a microwave in his own room sound hilarious).
I also learnt that Caramel Eyes doesn`t have boyfriend anymore from what I heard so I am thinking in making my mind and ask her out, If I chicken out I will just be waiting for the girl living faraway (I sent her an email) also I need to talk to the one girl I was going out and well I want to see If something might be over there.
I finish my courses today and I already talk to my friend and boss that I need to planify the next period because I will (If everything is in order) start my course to get my degree of Architecture.
New year is approaching and I have new plans....See ya later on!!!
Now I am listening The Coral "in the morning"...:)

Peace out!!


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