Monday, December 12, 2005

Tracing the Black Moon in golden ribbons.

Today is a national celebration at least for 80% of the country. Since last year I wanted to add this post on the same day but it was more about to talk the piece from the Art perspective. I know this is the mystical representation of our country and I have to say that She is our shield and protector, but I won`t talk about my beliefs.I am loading an study done by a person in my country to show the artistical value of the piece and for weird that it sounds the interpretations of the sacred tilma goes beyond our understanding.The medieval usage of Section Aurea or what is called Harmonical traces were used in the mystical contruction of the image. check the images below!Full of symbols also is a map of all the rivers and mountains of our country, an image of The Eclipse that was the day She manifested herself, some people have found that the image also works as a Mandala and is a Codice full of prehispanic motifs and messages, found in the eyes the complete scene when She appeared to the Bishop and also the pupil dilates with the interaction of the light.You make your own conclusion not about the spiritual aspect but more about the incredible demonstration of design and harmony reached with the image.
Have a beautiful and incredible day!!

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