Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Fear is in the eye of the beholder

Some little times I have the time to watch an incredible horror film without going to the creepy line.
I won`t say anything else about the movie..I can only say it is almost flawless!!

Please watch THE EYE!!
It is so very well done!!
Tomorrow I am planning to watch "The Face" If I have some time down the road.

Take care and kisses and hugs to everyone!!



Porkchop said...

Is it creepy because it messes with your mind? Or creepy because everyone is harpooned on briar bushes?

antonio said...

I will use your words Dear Porkchop the it messes with your mind but more than that messes with your own beliefs about spiritual world, I do not like ovies that show blood and gore for free....I have to recognize that Korean,Japanese and Chinese horror movies are always at the top from all the USA movies I have seen.
Because the combine real beliefs and concepts thing that doesn`t happen in other flicks..
Great day!!