Friday, December 09, 2005

Dust and Pride

I was again dusting my room and found this piece I am so proud because I was thinking in doing something so poetical with the piece and this is the result.
This piece was showed over Spain and also exposed in France some years ago,It was done for a group of people called Chapapote (great friend the organizer) and it was done to help and get some money for an ecological disaster done over Galicia. (thanks for correcting me Nice!! )
And in case I haven`t load some realistic material ..well right here you have an example I am more than proud and happy.
Btw the little girl really exist!



MsNice said...

it was not Cataluña it was Galicia!

antonio said...

hahah you are right!! i am raelly dumb!!

y gracias por hacermelo notar!!


Un abrazo!!!