Friday, December 23, 2005

My new toy!!

I received this toy today from a friend so I hope to give a review on this after the holidays.
Please guys send the good vibe and prayers over to my Family (Dad got a problem in his job, nothing to worry but all the good wishes help a lot).
I also received a check from The Taxes Office giving me a small devolution but will be to pay my certificates of next semester, so it is an already spent money.
The movie I received as a gift is from Korea and it is called The Wig.
I am still trying to see If I can get that compendium of German Horror Movies I talked the other day. If someone wants to get that for me (scroll down a bit to check my wishing list!) and wants a Comission done by me as the trade for me it would be just perfect!
I already sent the new strip of Bodoque so expect in some days the Old one here.
I am going to las Luchas twice next week!! Yay!! And I am going to sit in the first row in the one I want to!! Yay!!!!

See ya on the 25th!!

Happy Holidays!!!


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