Friday, December 16, 2005

Faust holds the wishing list!

I am right now sending Kino a mail, talking about Kino but the company :) I saw this today and now I have two things I wish for my holidays.

I will try to see If I can buy this movie Faust
AKA Faust: Eine deutsche Volkssage in Germany(1926)
Directed by F.W. Murnau

Also I saw something I fell in love at first sight

There is a compedium of German Horror Movies: Nosferatu, Golem, Dr. Caligari and Waxworks!!
Gosh!! I would love to have that box at home!! :)

Well talking about Faust maybe is the best movie from Murnau in the terms of all the visual effects captured on the film and also all the symbolic oniric ways to portray the pact of Faust.

Great creepy day!!!!


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wondy woman said...

That box set looks amazing Jesus I agree! I adore Nosferatu, it's very brilliant, very creepy!

Good choice x