Monday, December 19, 2005

Making faces to Life.

Today was a horrible day! I had to check paper work about my semester and from what I know I still pending to solve a situation to get the tramits from what I heard that stupid lady again, the one who didn`t want me to finish my studies, well She lost the papers and the authorizations so that means that I need to solve everything tomorrow so you can imagine the big mess.
Also the people from my Social Service lost my first report so I had to do all the paper work again and the worst part is that I had to show the paper since yesterday but thanks God I have already sent the report to the Social Service office now into my worries I need to see what about my Residence, and by the way I had to pay the semester today so that means now I am broken :).
On the happy side note I was told by a legendary artist (an incredible inker and friend) that I can mention him in a proposal for something I want to do next year, so that means He would be my former interiors-inker for Third Death and now I am trying to convince and great person and artist to be my inker but only for Cover work from Third Death, so I am now happy indeed because this artist is a real legend in the medium.
And well I am organizing everything so I can start the first months of the year all the catching up with the projects I have with Nik and Victor.
And well some friends and willing to help big time!!
Well I also went to get my microwave oven I won in the X-mas party I had last Friday!

Great day and see ya later!!



The Old Lady said...

Why is it that these places always seem to be able to lose your paperwork.the same thing always happens here as well.They would make such a fuss if we were the ones who lost the paperwork off them.Hope it all gets sorted soon.

antonio said...

I have no idea but here is very common not to have the paper work on time, thanks for changing my perspective I thought It only happened on my country but now I can see that everywhere is the same, and you are right If We were the ones losing their papers They wold make a big fuss a bout it!!