Thursday, December 08, 2005

Happy lines and playful games

Well from now on everytime I send the NEW comic strip to La Kodorniz I will show here the OLD one.
This page was the debut of the comic strip Bodoque.
It is in Spanish but I guess you can enjoy the drawings at least and in case you can read it in Spanish I hope you like it and find it as intelligent as possible.
As you can notice this kind of work is really far... far away from my realistic way I use for drawing but I wanted to play in a different perpective and level.
For this comic strip that is entirely political I want people to get biased, firstable by the work that is extremely childish and innocent I want people to like the boys but what is the strong part is always what is written.
Young boys saying the most realistical and frank words as possible.

Well Have a great time!!


ps:Want to see the next strip...wait till next Sunday and visit:

visit Nik`s place there are new updates about his work and our work.

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