Sunday, December 18, 2005

Dreaming over the field.

Well I drew this today for two reasons the first to practice because I was about a month or so without drawing in a very realistic way so this was a fast exercise to keep away that stiff feeling when you are not drawing as much as you would like. And the other to frame the dreaming I got today and I wish If someone could tell me the meaning I would aprecciate it.
I am also thinking in using the image as my X-mas card.

"It was the sunset and everything turned into that blue greyish color where obscurity reigns all was in that color and the mountains around were in dark black with some spots in white probably lights, the field that I have to walk in was plain and was a kind of harvest kind of wheat of probably only dry plants growing over my knees. There was an enormous path crossing all the field but I am sure this path was in a 45 grade angle crossing the field in a perpendicular way.
In the middle of this path was an Wishing Well (old rock container of water similar to Ringu the movie). I remembered I had to cross that field and I was holding white plastic bags on my hands without any brand, I am sure there were groceries over those plastic bags.
I never saw my face in fact I was seeing everthing as If the camera was in my eyes so I could see only the perpective from that angle as in the reality happens. I was told to cross the path and to be aware of any danger while crossing so I was walking fast, not running and I remember I saw groups of people (trios but mainly duos) looking at me with that stare of greed and when I felt they wanted to have my bags I only took a Swiss Knife to defend myself I even saw one of the duo trying to fight back with a knife and I only did some swings with the knife over the air and He left.
I finish in the end of the field, the funny I was not really nervous or feeling bad I thought of it as the right thing to do!.

Great day!!



The Old Lady said...

Thats a really great picture

antonio said...

thank you so much Dear June!!!