Thursday, December 15, 2005

The cobweb was full in dust and evil

I have been really busy with the social service. I finished that Study I was mentioning and next week we still have to work on another study, well I am today closing up three courses so I need to prepare the lists so I can be done putting all the grades in order and the attendances.
the teacher of my Residence hasn`t come yet so I do not know about the paper work We need to show regarding on the subject I will be all my vacation time working in the Residence :(.
Btw was this a very very old drawing and this might be what I would do in case I get my hands on the friendly spidey.
I still need to work on the comic strip of BODOQUE from this week so I need to send a mail to Magnum to let him know that today at night I will have something done, so expect the comic strip from last week as soon as I finish the new one.
My work has been showed to two editors already to start plannings for the middle part of next year, right now as you know I have a lot of work with my friends and that is priority.
About love nothing...nothing new.
I need to cancel a date today because I really need time to finish the lists and the comic strip.
Have a great day see you in some hours If possible!!


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