Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The warm touch of Night upon us.

Well I still do not know If I will post as usual because I will be busy this week with family stuff and Residence.
Now my Dad is sleeping, my brother is looking for some info so tomorrow We can start working on the situation of my Father (did I say before my brother studied Law?), and Mom is just a rack of nerves.
The great thing is that My Family is really solid and steady so We know We are going to overcome this really soon.
So I am trying right now to keep distracted and at times I can do it, I watch this movie some minutes ago and I loved it.
I was stupidly thinking to phrase "If You like Quentin Tarantino this is a must to see.." Well in fact I have to re-phrase it .."Guys this is an Orson Welles`s pulp movie it is a must to see".
Charlton Heston and Orson Welles are the stars of the movie, this movie is probably the 5th movie from him and the last in the American market done in 1958, I even heard this movie is the last from the american golden age of filming.
I sent in the afternoon 3 mails to some printer companies to see If they are interested in the Tarot proposal so well let`s wait on.
Have a great day and please keep my Family in your prayers!!!
Comic Work just in hold till knowing my new schedules from next year.

Great day to you guys and gals!!

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The Old Lady said...

Im so sorry about that situation with your father.It must be so worrying for you all.I hope the person who really took the money gets caught.Thank you also for the lovely christmas card.Many,many hugs to you and your family
June xx