Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Mask or Lesson.

Well as you remember a couple of day I was really down and a little fed up about not having time for myself, and I was trying to chill out and decided to go to Las Luchas, Iloved the show this time specially for the following wrestlers: Marcela and Sioux (sioux is really hot and yummy :) :) ) vs La Nazi and Amapola gave maybe the best wrestling of the night, and as usual Mistico and La Mascara fought incredibly, Mistico has one way to knock people and pin down them called "the Helicopter" damn I really like the way this guy fights, He is really nice and even gave an authograph before the fight started.
Well the lesson is that after my social service, I went to the suburbs of the city and I was in one neighborhood that is irregular so I could see poverty in the biggest expression, I normally bitch about my situation but after seeing all what I saw yesterday it gave me a new perspective, I still have my goal of being succesful as a comic book author and now more than ever because I learn that I am really lucky to have my sort of life.
well I took the bus to go to the Arena and Mariana was waiting for me (my nice friend) and before getting off the bus I ran into an police officer who works in the school were I give classes and has been always nice and kind to me, I asked him what He did for living besides being a security guard and what He answered just shocked me, He is a professional Clown in my town and decided to take the extra job as a guard to have time to send his kid to a hospital in Mexico City (4 hours in distance) because his little boy used to have a tumor in one of his eyes and had two operations, He described the operation and it is really creepy so I will keep it to myself, well the kid lost his eye and continues in treatment so this tumor doesn`t show up again or grows in the other eye, the sad part is to hear a Father saying that He felt bad about his kid because He is really handsome and sad He doesn`t have the eye to be gorgeous.
That was not everything well I left the bus obviously telling the guy I was at his disposal anytime.
I entered to the Arena and started talking to Mariana to catch up gossips and at the middle of the show the narrator told us that in the Arena was a fighter...yeah but the fighter was a young boy of 12 years old..He is fighting cancer (it was sad because He had already lost his right leg and continue figthing to survive) and well his only illusion was to meet Mistico, I do not normally cry and I was about to... I mean so much info in one day...Mistico was really nice to him gave him a low budget toy, a T-shirt and ..HIS MASK!! (Well people started to tell him to give away his mask to the kid and He did it!!).
So many things to consider when We feel crappy...isn`t it?
After the show I ate a hamburger....Delicious!!

Have a nice time and just think about what you have.


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