Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Annie whispered X-mas words on that wooden tablet.

Firstable this image was done in 1928 by Harold Gray using his character Annie, He was also known to create his own set of Annual X-mas cards for his friends.
Well June et all... Yesterday I went to the school to solve the paper work and well my teacher helped me, I just couldn`t solve anything I only paid the course what it means that I am in the semester now I need to see the grade I will get from my teacher but I need to send him work so I guess from today afternoon to the early morning of 24th I will be processing information from the booklet and on the 26th I will start editing the notes so on Jan 2nd to send him at least 70% of all the work.

Well I saw this on Wondy`s blog (thanks for you words!!).
I have a ‘Ten People I’d Rather Spend Xmas With Than The In-Laws (In case I have them)’ list of my own, and it goes a little something like this:

I decided to have a trivial list about people I would love to spend a X-mas time and a more scholar list from my own tastes.

The trivial
1.-Robbie Williams 2.-Jim Lee 3.-Kylie Minogue 4.-Jis and Trino 5.-Fisgon 6.-A. Hernàndez 7.-Jodie Foster 8.-Burton 9.-Oasis Gallager brothers (I imagine all the Riot done by them) 10-Ashcroft the ex-singer of the Verve.

Scholar.(dead and alive)
1. Siqueiros 2. Buster Keaton 3. Woody Allen with some of his lovers :) 4. Mario Pani 5. Monsivais 6. Fritz Lang 7.Poe 8. Alphonse Mucha 9.Murnau 10.Durero 11.-Alex Raymond 12.-Hal Foster (I guess Mr Woody Allen and I can have a great spiritual session).

And music by Portishead!! yay!!!

Great day and talk to you later!!


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