Friday, December 02, 2005

4 towers to protect Chaos

June I am really thinking about what you said I am open to all the possible options, so let`s wait and see thanks for the advice.
Well let`s return to the talk of music.
This is a great music band from my country and as odd as it might sound this is one of the bands that haven`t led me down in every CD released.
They are promoting the new single called Dead.
Nik If you like Kinky this is a must to have!!!!!

visit them on

Have a great time.


The Old Lady said...

I really like that song.I dont understand what they say but i like the music.

antonio said...

Dear June I hope you had an incredible day!!

When I have some free time I hope to translate those lyrics to you ust give me some time!!
Did you see the level of quality on their music?