Thursday, December 15, 2005

Nadie nos mira alrededor.

Today a friend of mine gave me a copy of this CD
called Anoche from BABASONICOS!
And it is great!!!!! I am trying to explain how the music sounds from this group and sounds a bit like brit music,techno, the music from the kinks a very good mixed of rock.

I also decided my new topic of the strip from Bodoque and it will be hilarious!!!
Great day!!



The Old Lady said...

The song on the site i thought had like a 60's feel to it.

wolff said...

yeah they are of the best if not the best argentine modern rock band... they really are pop though.... they mix it all together really welll.... nice short concise pop rock songs about what it should be: growing up..

antonio said...

June are you feeling better!! I hope you do...You got my words this guys are so 60`s....

wolff thanks for being here I agree totally and for fun that it sound this CD is the happiest of all the ones they have done!!

Great day to you!!