Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Tagged in a circle of salt

1. Name 3 people that you miss that you haven't seen in a long time.
Mmm I was really thinking about this I am not a guy who likes to miss people I normally think that when the circle is closed there are no more regrets in no seeing people anymore but I guess I would love to have some people around me.... Grandma Jovita that is with me but in a spiritual level She has been the most important person in my life because She was the one I got all my moral values and way to see the world.

2. Name 3 things you miss about home during the holidays (be it people, smells, foods, whatever).
About holidays I have been blessed to celebrate all and every holiday in my house, I guess I will miss the incredible "taquizas" We make in the Family. We have the special dinner with everybody and for us the taquizas are to go and buy 3 different kinds of meat and cook them, full of different sauces and We grill and fry the meat and make tacos and eat till bursting.
We also buy some cider bottles and drink them.

3. Name 1 holiday memory that you have from childhood that you will never forget.
I have said this before so sorry in advance, One X-mas my Dad came home telling us that there were not Santa`s gifts for that year because Santa was really poor on that year, so well We had to accept the fact and slept home after eating a decent meal, so it was around 2 in the morning and my Dad and Grandma woke us up and in my shoe there were instead of toys a big number or comics (I still have my comics in my room), that day I decided to be a comic artist.
It was the cheapest X-mas but the Best for me!!

4. Name at least one favorite book or movie that always reminds you of the holidays.Puh-lease,
Funny but I was thinking about the movie "It`s a Wonderful life" for an strange reason I have seen it every year for the last 6 ones.

5. Name your top 3 favorite holiday songs that get you in the mood to celebrate.
I do not have songs I like or remember to be honest sometimes are so cheesy...maybe is the little grinch on me.

6. If you could go anywhere other than home for the holidays, where would you choose to go and who would you want to bring along?
Only me I would love to have a nice trip around UK and Ireland to visit the Templar Castles and another place to visit would be Brujas in Belgium or visit Cemeteries in Europe.

7. The Grinch or Rudolph?Grinch

8. Formal holiday dinner or casual get-together food?Casual bur my Mom orders us to be tidy and well groomed to celebrate.

9. Name the best holiday gift you ever received and why? A compact from a girl I love a lot, the funny is that She was the first one that gave me something that I really wanted.

10. Describe the funniest holiday moment you've ever had.
Mom is a great Mom and once She bought like 7 Piñatas for the 3 of us and inside so many candies and some coins...It was the funniest time ever because We were crashing the piñatas with my parents!! yay!!!

11. Name a holiday memory that truly warmed your heart.
The first x-mas without my Grandmother...I didn`t cry on her funeral but that day I was really felling her absence.

12. Name your top 3 favorite TV specials that frequent the airwaves during the holiday season
Here in my country the programs are LLLLLLAAAAAAAMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEE!!!!

13. Sledding, snowball fight, snow angels or building a snowman?I have never played with zone is not a snowing place...sad indeed.

14. Eggnog, hot chocolate or hot cider? Pink cider or Ponche "Punch".

15. Candy canes or fruit cake? None. We do not have that tradition at home.

16. Favorite holiday cookie? not really I do not crave for sweets ....really, I am more into the salty and sour candies, but last week I saw a program where they prepared some apples in wine that I really want to try to do it at home for that day...Have I ever said I am a very good chef??

Thanks Wondy you made me think about good moments!!


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