Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Destroying the lines of front.

Today I was thinking in what to say or talk because it was nothing worth to mention, I mean I still sick but thankfully I am in much better shape than yesterday, I went to my Social Service and they said that till next Thursday I have to return to talk about paper work.
My friend already bought the tickets for the new "Luchas" Wrestling, and El Mistico is fighthing She is coming today to study English so I will help her and She would give me the paper type of brochure with the rooster (I hope I used the right word rooster as the list of oponents, Let me know If I am wrong).
Well I found the original vintage poster that the incredible Cassaday used to draw and paint one of the most memorable Captain America covers ever.
He did a great work but to be honest this has some magic on it!
I can not remember well but I guess Wyeth painted this incredible vintage poster.
Well now is time to rest so see you later!!!


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