Monday, December 19, 2005

Trapped into that little thing called Reincarnation.

I had already watched Aeon Flux the movie!!
Wondy did you already watch it?
I will try not to give spoilers, well I really liked the Art Deco imput, a Metropolized ambience an incredible gadget designs.
The plot is solid I have to agree with some people that can be boring or really slow but I have to add that only happens If you are not in notice of the Animation from Mtv and the full story... If you saw all the chapters (as I did!!) everything has a reason and now it really matches as the great concept it is.
I have to say that the only lack of the movie is that the director never thought of trying to involve the audience by getting a little sympathy for the viewer perspective to this Universe. The characters are lacking of an important background, also He didn`t play with that Roman Society Organigram were it is based Aeon, I know that the jaw dropper or main plot is so important that the director wanted to give a certain bit of mistery but I am sure if He had based the explanation in another way it would have worked much better.
A very interesting movie another lack in the movie is that He would have set some sub plots on the idea of cloning and the consequences from the ethical aspect.
Another lack is that in the animation the ending of every chapter finishes with an open scene what it means that the final has to be done by the viewer, thing that the movie never played with.
A very good movie!!


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