Sunday, December 18, 2005

Je pense à toi

I just couldn`t resist but I received this some hours ago from Bonita Annita, I will only show this one but as soon as I know the results from the contest I will show the rest.
One of the funny things I did in my life is to attend classes of french I was about some months studying (my problem was pronunciation because I mixed it with my English so I couldn`t really learn ), I can read and understand a little bit of French so my french is basic or less than basic.
This is the first time one sequential done by me is in French so enjoy.
Thanks Annita!!
btw I dreamt something odd so later on I will post what I dreamt and I hope somebody tells me what is the inner meaning.

Great day to you guys!!
Arrevoir!! (I am right?? damn I just can`t speak french but someday!! :) :) )



AnnaRaven said...

There was a mistake on that one, but I corrected it already.

Au revoire :D

antonio said...

Thank you Bonita!!