Thursday, December 08, 2005

Function or Form

This is my first day feeling much better and I went to my Social Service the funny thing is that I will help with another guy (nice person btw) to form a study of Urban Planification for a Poligon in study and We have Wednesday as the Deadline so tomorrow We have many things to do. So I won`t have time for my Residence till the coming vacation so I guess I will be working on it the last two weeks of the year fully devoted to continue gathering the info for the Course to get my degree.
Funny but I do not normally talk about Architecture but as fun as it sounds I really use the elements of Architecture in my comic work similarly to what the great Gerry does in his comic work (obviously his work is far beyond ...You have to see his inking and penciling work), I love the Bauhaus and specially the work done by Walter Gropius, and someday I would visit the Bauhaus school that is the first one in using thermical terms in the design of the facades, first one in using the orientation to solve problems of light and composition, some people say that the school is really cold in some moments of the year, it is also known for using Cantilivers not really in the school but in the furniture work and it is maybe one of the first functional buildings using glass, iron and concrete as a unity.
I am working now in the last part of the political comic strip I need to send in some hours to Magnum.
I already sent Nik some good news about a contact and tomorow when I have more things I will talk to him, I promise him that. :) Thanks Nik for the wishes.
Also one of my favorite architects ever is Calatrava.
I have more things to say but let me finish my work and I return in some hours!!
Bonita Annita has the pages to be lettered and sent to France.

Great day to you all!!


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