Monday, December 12, 2005

Love for Dummies. Crappy day!

I do not really understand how this day became hell... Today I just felt Lonely!
In the morning I was reading my normal dose of blogs and I was really sad that June was having a hard time... but as everybody has said to you Lovely June "Bad dates and times come to make you stronger".
In my case I was a bit sad since the morning and when I arrived to my classes I got more sad because I started listening to my students how they have destroyed hearts and for some of them was like a funny game to see where the thread just splits.
I saw the tiny girl that I used to like...and She is really hot, I still do not understand how people make choices about their lives so easy or without thinking, yes! She made another stupid comment and well I was there to listen.
Well when the class was done I saw you know who at the distance (I really didn`t want to see her..I had to say hello and I congratulated her for her day Yes..her name is Guadalupe and today was her namesake).
I have to add that when I saw her at the distance I got that stupid pain in the chest the one you feel over you left lung like you are empty mixed with the sadness I was feeling and the feeling of just being used that I have everytime I see her), well I returned to the last part of my classes and when I left the school I took a bus while I was talking to a nice person and She was also celebratring her first Anniversary with her boyfriend.
I am over You know who but I guess the whole situation over the day made me be more sensitive than usual.
I needed to take a second bus and it took me about 1 hour to wait for the bus and when I was in the bus the volume of the music was really high (it is common to play music in the buses of my country rancheras or tropical music and well the driver was playing on his cd player rancheras and band music similar to country music), I never told you but when I was in Monterrey for the wedding of my cousin some months ago I was feeling bad about the way that You know who was treating me and for stupid that it sounds I related my situation about her with a song that was played over there in that time, I guess the group is called Pesado and the song is "Ojala que te mueras" "I wish You died", a song of broken love and yes you guessed it right the song was being played while I was over the bus tonite....Now I am laughing about the whole situation but in that moment I was about to tear.
I arrived really late home and well I am so happy the day is over!!



The Old Lady said...

Im so sorry Jesus antonio.Its funny how memories can affect us sometimes.Im actually feeling a little better today.Hopefully ill be a lot better tommorrow.
Hugs to you

AnnaRaven said...

Why do we fall, Bruce?
So we can learn to pick us up .


antonio said...

thank you again for the words!!
In fact I want to write down something that happened yesterday so it gave me lots of perspective!!