Saturday, December 31, 2005

Honest tale!

Before something happens let me show you this vintage Russian card done by E. Bem.
And says "Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!An honest tale speeds best being plainly told. (Shakespeare)" this card was done by 1904 - 1914. Chromolithograph.

Well sorry for being absent over this time but you know reality sometimes is dragging me to where I do not want to be.
Well this year I have to recognize that it has been one of the best in terms of what have been experiencing.
I had the chance to return to my studies and hopefully I will finish everything by the month of April or May, I have to be really honest I know I need to finish my studies and that became a priority, but I really miss to have the pencils and brushes for more time in my regular life. Funny but I feel like a handicap guy now, I am eager to finish all this studies thing and just draw full time...full time!.FULL TIME!!!
I also learned a lot about myself: that I really care too much about me, people around and my masterplan.
I learned I have a lot of friends (here in my hometown and abroad).

Next Year has to be the year of my life in many terms:
I am going to 2 Conventions: One over USA (finally Nik finally!! :) ) and I am sure promoting Rocket Girl number 3 that I will start as soon as I get done with my studies, and Luchador! and also planning to go to New York to check my possibilities with the top ones.
The Second to Spain to promote the work I do with my fellas Victor (El Clan), Pedro L. Lopez (In Nomine,Flame and some more work), Annita Bonita (Fair Blues and other stuff..If She wants :) , and Nik with Luchador! and a Sci-Fi story We have in hands.And visit tons of friends over there.
I am also in talks to some companies over USA and Spain so next year to start having regular work from them.Sad this year I had to refuse some work because of my studies.
I am going to start my story Third Death drawn and written by me and inked by an Icon in the industry (He kindly told me I can mention him in the proposal so I can be only grateful to him and all the inker friends I have). And for Third Death aside him I will have another incredible artist to be the former cover inker, I just can not say much but stay really tune on this.
About Flame the other Gothic story I have well I will ask another very good inker friend of mine to see If He can join me into the venture, I wish He became my former inker for the long term but I need to talk to him.
I have 3 writers and friends so my plan is to ask 2 to send co-proposals to the top ones and specially one of my best friends to try to invade the European Market.I do never like to talk about the great and kind people I know but next year will be really different because that will be my year of consolidation and I am sure I will receive the help of my friends.
Continue in my house the AACE for a long long time... and try to publish Bodoque in my country!.
Get my Tarot set published.
Love life well I will open myself more!

Right now My Family is preparing Dinner, and well something good happened about the situation, seems that many people have defended my Dad so aside the Lawsuit that my Father will promote to get his payoff paid everything seems a bit better so well I really hope that the hard time is just a matter of months.
Thanfully I saved some money to pay my course to receive my degree and some more for the folks at home.

June thanks a lot for the words and keep praying for all of us.
Last week I was sleeping with the jaw so tight for all the pressure but I hope that everything milds over the mid-part of next month.
Dadicus I saw the Cyborgs!! lovely work!! I will try to see If I can have a duel with you soon. btw What the heck happened to Jason?.
Nik and Mandy all my love!
Kino good fella take care!
Wondy,Lisa,Annita and June thanks for being in the same boat!
To all my Friends Have a Great New Year!

My X-mas Card??? well check it here!

ps:I am still loading information for the booklet in my Residence (goooosssssshhhh!!!!!)


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