Thursday, December 22, 2005

Vintage Xmas to you all!

I still do not know If I will post in the following days because I am still busy processing information and well I also have to finish my strip of Bodoque and I really want to take some time to draw and I hope to finish on time my X-mas Card and in a way to compensate Oscar because We couldn`t finish on time the x-mas card We wanted to show.(I was sick :( )
I am also trying to reach that professional Wrestler to see If the offer is still there.
Btw Nik I bought you a movie of El Santo because of the holidays , in case You (Victor) want me to buy one for you let me know!! :)

Well just in case I do not show myself tomorrow or the 24th!!

Happy Holidays to all of you friends, artists, people I admire and I know you drop by here to see what new stuff I have in hands or only to know what I am doing or thinking, even the nice lurkers.
Have a nice X-mas time and see you!
Also thank you for the nice load of X-mas card i had received over the days!! yay!!


ps:X-mas card from 1907

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