Friday, December 09, 2005

Con mis manos abrazarè tus sueños de amor.

Today was incredible I am getting used to having Friday full of news!!
I went to my Social Service and soon I will write about the hard time of people living in my hometown, gosh!! hard to accept that everybody is having a hard time to survive in their own universes.
I opened my mail box and I am now in talks with some friends so We can promote Rocket Girl in many places (and importants places by the way) aside the work I do with my teams specially now with Nik.
Also a friend of mine sent me a mail with a name to show my work as a portafolio, I am so happy because the friend who is recommending me is just one Icon in the industry and I am so glad that this is happening.
I already know that a nice decent company over USA will start giving me Cover work in the first months of the year and hopefully for the long term...
I am also writing to some writers friend to develop some ideas I have in mind over next year so I am going to get really busy!.

Check the next installment of Bodoque in La Kodorniz!!!!
I also bought this CD BEBE is the singer, The CD is amazing few times I like the whole songs and lyrics and right here the mix of cantò gitano, french rythms similar to what Mano Negra used to play or Bumbury...Great music from this petite girl.
I have many more things to say but it is too late but tomorrow I will continue.
Someone gave me a hat that is really cool!!



Crónicas de Sepelaci said...


El disco en sí está bien, pero no mata.

Lo que sí que me gusta es el compromiso social de este pedazo de cantante, que se posiciona de forma honesta junto a la mujer que sufre, y que necesita apoyo y comprensión.

Una gran compra, si señor...

Un saludín

antonio said...

Tienes razon no mata, pero si tomas en cuenta que el ambiente de musica de mi pais es casi todo pop y que la verdad hay muy buenos grupos pero son pop o algunos muy buenos rock pero casi musica de ese tipo pues siempre es una bocanada de aire fresco a el corazon...por ahi hay un grupo que su musica es de ese tipo pero mas recuerdo bien pero la cantante siempre trae un turbante o viste muy extraño...ojala me acuerde y pues no quiero confundir de nuevo lugares como lo hice en el post pasado...(gracias de nuevo Nice)...

Un abrazo y sigo!!