Friday, December 16, 2005

Superman in an airplane.!

Well I have sent the NEW strip of Bodoque what it means that I am showing here the OLD one.
For this set of letters done by the main characters I was more concerned about the words and I liked the sequence on the letters.

I am happy with the new one because it is really funny I am making fun of something that happened in my country last Monday so stay tune and visit next Sunday

To see the new one!!

Have a great time and see ya later!!

Update I just listened to the new single called Superman! by

Long time without listening to this group!!

Another one ...I heard some people in Veracruz mentioned Bodoque gracias guys from Utopia!!!! but I can not find the direct link, also appeared in Dreamers as the update done by our AACE ,the great spanish site from what I heard, so If you know more sites were they mention the work let me know!!
And thank you so much for the people liking the work and promoting it!!
Love, booze and hugs...


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