Saturday, December 03, 2005

Raining cats and dogs in my nose.

Guys I caught cold and I feel like shit :).
It was a nice day in the overall I have been really sick these past 2 days and I am with all that mucosity leaking over my nose.
God! Stop this!! :)
I went to eat Tlayudas with a nice couple friends of mine from 8 pm to 12:15 am (a typical mexican meal from Oaxaca, a toasted corned tortilla with lettuce,jalapeño chilli, tomato, cheese, and meat called tasajo) really delicious, I missed to drink a beer called Montejo but I just couldn`t because I took some medicine, so I am coming back from the conversation and We were talking about ghosts and spirits!!.
About love: Well the girl I went out last Saturday emailed me and another girl will call me this week.
See you tomorrow hoping to be much better!!!
Tomorrow is the premiere of the Cartoon...yay!!! cough... cough...cough yay!!!!!!



The Old Lady said...

Hope your feeling better soon,and good luck with the girls.

antonio said...

feeling better, about girls...nothings is happening for now!! :)