Thursday, August 04, 2005

The great claw of Life

Hokusai Posted by Picasa

People do not comment that one point of reference of Art Noveau (I am not saying all of the work because Art Noveau is a mixed of Some Greek,Roman, Celtic tradition but in a way it was really influenced in a way Art Noveau for the enormous invasion of printing work coming from Japan).
and many European abstract painters used the pallete of colors and the line,Even Van Goh was influenced by this movement called Japanism.
One of the greates authors that I am starting to study for a Comic I wan to do is Hokusai!...
Great day!!!


wondy woman said...

Do you know Rocker and I have that very Print in our bathroom? Great mind, Jesus!

Wondy x

antonio said...

Wondy!!!! great to have you back!!!!

The funny part is that many many people in UK have those japanese printings. There was a collection called 36 views of Fuji done by Hokusai.
The funny part is that there is a version that in fact the image you have has 2 fujis instead of one.
i hoe one day to make the study and make you wow!! of what you ahve hang in your bathroom..pretty impressive...JESUS ANTONIO