Monday, August 22, 2005

Starting my free week and sleeping a lot.

Our Hospitality!! Posted by Picasa

I woke up today a bit late and started to check my mails!!
Nik I already saw yours!!! Hahahahah You make me giggle and laugh with the last comment thanks for making my day!! Expect the answers today or tomorrow.
I normally go to Las Luchas with a nice friend of mine... Today She called me to say She can not go so I guess I will go to the Luchas alone!
I do not say ..till next day yet!
Because I have new work to load so expect it!!
June Good luck today!!

Great day to you guys!

This time I am recommending the movie Our Hospitality done and directed by Buster Keaton in 1923 and it is a romantic flick about a feud of two families (The Canfields and the McKay), the story is set in the earliest 1810 so it is big drama and nice angles of camera!


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