Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I`ve been thinking

I`ve been thinking Posted by Picasa

Some minutes ago a teacher from my career and a nice friend left home, He wants me to help him put in order his class oriented to give guys the chance to graduate by having that class.
the plan is to enter next year on that class and finally receive my certificate of Architecture (many things aside personal decisions,money and comics have taken me away from closing the circle).
I also had nice news a friend of mine was offered a place in the staff in the school where I give classes, the only part that perturbs me a little is that I have been working for over 5 years in a freelance way to the school and never offered a place over it (I am really happy for her indeed!!), so I am going to see the coming of my teacher as a signal to close that circle and trying hard to stop giving classes and also try to find a nice business doing my art and comic work, so I will be busy this week trying to elaborate a way to get the things I need soon.

I forgot to mention that I am again in my regular regimen and I am eliminating my only vice (I do not drink or smoke but my only vice was to drink soda in big quantities), well I am on my second day and hopefully stop drinking soda forever.
I need to lose some weight to start buying new clothes when money arrives my place!

See you later on!!



Sask 1 said...

Good Luck with staying away from the soda.New clothes sound good.

antonio said...

Bout the soda it has been a piece of cake..happens that I am a bit disciplined and when I say no is no. Atleast for the last 2 days has been quite easy..about the clothing If every goes well by November I will start doing so...what about your date?

Good day to you June!!!


The Old Lady said...

My date went well.Ive had to move my blog there is an explaination on my new one as to why.