Friday, August 26, 2005

Numerology: The step back

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Ohh My God!
When I saw this picture I just couldn`t wait, The photo is an amazing storyteller of what this Presidential Period has become.
Well let me put it in this way for our President this period has been a great Pachanga (party) where the only invited ones are ...He and his wife.
What a beatiful photo to describe also what The goverment said over this week that the battle against Poverty hasn`t been working properly. So ironic to have the president having a torta and aside him a boy, you see the ironic part isn`t it?.
A new book is on the market accusing the Presidential Family of Corruption I honestly hope the book is full of lies because If it is not it will become a big punch to the hope of people in my country.
Problems with Guerilla still and aside the violence in the north.

Great Photo indeed!

Have a good time!


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