Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Sore throat won`t stop me today!!

Almost ready to go out! Posted by Picasa

I got a sore throat helping a friend to cross from a place in the middle of the rain..well ..I continue a bit blue let`s call it light blue :).
I need to answers many mails today but I will do it at night!
I need to go now for some money to pay a person who did a favor to me, and other stuff.
I have 2 interviews in wait (I can not say for now who I am interviewing but are people I respect and admire from the Comic Medium).
Wondy thanks again for the wishes.
Victor thanks for posting the image.
June great to read about your meal :).
Nik today I am getting in track.
Kino I am getting in contact today or tomorrow!

I will update this mail today at night.
The photo is taken from the movie Shoulder Arms done by Charlotte in 1918. :)

see you later!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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