Monday, August 29, 2005

Sniff! Sniff!!

Sniff! Posted by Picasa

Second one!
Now I will call the acrylic off for some weeks I need to keep track into the work I need to finish.
Luchador!, El Clan and In Nomine.

Well hope you guys like it!!

My recommendation If you have time watch The Navigator done in 1924 with Buster Keaton.
Did you know that Harry Houdini named him as Buster after a fall Buster Keaton had at the tender age of 6 months and no fracture was suffered.?

Have a great day!!
I am still a bit blue and angry.I am even planing to go out to a hill near and scream my guts out and continue with my meditation.

Take care and chill out!.



AnnaRaven said...

I -love- the Joker, I am afraid I cannot but be very biased with this picture of yours so I will just love it entirely.

Mmm... shame I cannot offer you a cup of real tea.


Lovely Lisa said...

I'm sorry you a bit blue, and here I am feeling better. Your feelings always show in your artwork, though...screaming and drawing and painting might very well be my favorite forms of meditation, too!!
May you also have a wonderful day!!

The Old Lady said...

Sorry your feeling Blue.Hope you day gets better.
Hugs to you June x

antonio said...

Cute Anita, I am sure someday We will have that cup of tea and bottle of Tequila for sure!!
Thanks for the words!!

Lovely Lisa thanks for the words and you are right that is also part of drawing, you show what you are!! Again a great lovely day for you!! Happy to see you happy!!

Dear June I hope you are better from the old memories!
I am trying to be better thank June for the eternal support :)...
Have all a great day!!...