Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Reality in Bright Blue Color

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I was yesterday studying part of the work of Alex Ross and I found a formula He uses a lot in his work method, so I am really eager to put it in function so I am starting since now A piece using the JLA, all my whole respect to the work of Alex Ross, I never expected to find out a formula and process of contruction and I am really amazed.
I already finished Superman over the piece and it looks awesome!!
Hopefully tomorrow I will get paid finally but the funny thing is that I will give the money to my Father hahahah We are a bit tight in some payments so well shit happens!! hahahahah.
Thanks Lovely Lisa for being here!!
Cute June thanks for the words!
Jason I am contacting you in some days!
Nik...Nik!!!...T.N already saw the pages I was checking the registered numbers so now it is only a matter of waiting and luck!! wish us luck and pray my amigo Nik!! .
Victor I hope you are getting some incredible vacations..I am this week only devoted to draw more pages of the Clan!
Good day!!...JESUS ANTONIO


Sask 1 said...

WellJesus Antonio its only money and sometimes we do need to help people who are in need more than us.Its good you help your family.I look forward to seeing more drawings .I will look out for tarot cards.I do have some but ive used them and you needed new ones.
have a good day

Katya said...

i think you're supposed to buy your own tarot cards as if they are second hand they aren't as effective, the styles can differ vastly too...its personal choice really...

thankyou for your birthday wishes, is it ok if i link you...


antonio said...

hey June sorry for the absence but well I have many things to talk !!
Dear June it would be Awesome if you can do it for me!1
it would be great!!

Katya about the Tarot it is more efective in these way because the tarot will look for me in this way..sounds weird to explain, I know taht If you buy yourself the Tarot it won`t work in the way I want to use it!!

Of Course Dear katy I will be honored if you linked me!!
Drop by here regularly!1
kisses to you both...JESUS ANTONIO